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"This is the best consulting advice I have ever received." -- Mark Marmo, President, Deep Well Services


… a dedicated team of experienced professionals with demonstrated expertise in organizational dynamics working for, and with, your people


… practical, customized solutions designed to ensure organization wide support and implementation of your strategic initiatives


…ensuring your organization’s current and future success by helping you focus on strategic resource alignment and structural innovation as organizational competencies; a process we call “Alignovation”©

More about Harmonic Systems Consulting

We started our business to solve a common problem; many business leaders develop great strategies, but their organizations frequently fail to fully execute them.

To help clients solve that problem, the partners at Harmonic Systems Consulting consistently apply two basic principles:

  • Principle #1: To ensure success, all resources in an organization must be harmoniously aligned with a well defined and clearly communicated strategy.
  • Principle #2: Once aligned is not always aligned, so all organizations must be able to innovate, adapt to, and realign resources with an ever-changing business environment.

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