About Us

Harmonic Systems Consulting is comprised of senior consultants with a passion for helping both individuals and organizations improve. Our partners utilize practical techniques to help businesses better define goals, align resources more efficiently, and fine-tune process flow systems.

Over the course of our careers we have worked on hundreds of projects with scores of clients in many different industries. We have come to appreciate why organizations sometimes need help, where to focus scarce resources, and how best to work in partnership with clients in order to improve operating results.

The partners believe in the need to balance all aspects of an organization so the various components can work together, in harmony, towards common goals.  When working with clients we illustrate this concept using our “Orchestra Model©.”

This approach creates an organizational atmosphere conducive to innovation and sympathetic to the need for continual change. At Harmonic Systems Consulting our partners practice a proven collaborative style when working with clients because it works, because we do it well, and because we enjoy it.

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