Allan Echko

During his career Allan Echko has enjoyed executive level responsibilities in a variety of professional positions and industries. That experience has allowed him to develop "hands-on" functional skills in areas where business owners and managers look for outside expertise and advice.

Allan has relevant leadership experience managing business operations with full "bottom-line" responsibility. He has proven skills in organizational design & development, strategic planning, customer service management, and financial control. Capable of bringing successful leadership qualities to businesses seeking effective change management, Allan will work with clients to ensure that strong financial management practices, personalized employee development activities, and effective organizational team building efforts are implemented and maintained.

Allan's background includes direct, cross-functional experience managing sales, operations, and administrative support areas in manufacturing, distribution, and direct to consumer businesses. He began his career as a member of the financial group within a relatively large, heavy manufacturing business. While working in that environment for nearly twenty years his role expanded beyond finance to include human resources, production, sales, and overall general management responsibilities. Markets served during that time included the automotive, aerospace, and oil & gas industries.

Looking for a change, Allan left the heavy manufacturing industry to work within the small business community. He has since held general management positions with light manufacturing, distribution, and direct to consumer businesses serving the outdoor recreation, municipal, and childhood education markets. Throughout that time he has enjoyed much more direct customer contact, has been personally involved in the development and implementation of improved order management practices in service oriented organizations, active in both the sale and acquisition of businesses, and responsible for increasing revenue and profits by implementing margin based sales strategies.

Prior to forming Harmonic Systems Consulting, Allan started a business in the Pittsburgh area, which he owned and operated with family members. During that time he dealt with nearly all of the difficulties typically faced by the small business owner; issues relating to banking relationships, personnel, marketing campaigns, cash flow constraints, customer service management, and planning for the future.

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