Cody Soska

As the Marketing and Public Relations Manager for Harmonic Systems Consulting (HSC), Cody serves as the composer of our message to potential clients, and our public image. During his professional career he has been focused on realizing the marketing benefits of media management for both HSC and our clients.

As a marketing manager, Cody is an innovative, people-centered individual. He believes a business should be portrayed as a totally human work of art; a synthesis of arrangement, orchestration and performance. As such, his goal is to personalize the message; to invoke a sense of passion and urgency in any audience.

When thinking about “marketing; or “PR” most of us think about reaching an audience outside of our business. An audience may be internal however, as well as external, so effective media management techniques can be conducted within an organization to great advantage.

For example, the human component of any organization drives innovation. If people within an organization are not reaching their fullest potential, that organization cannot reach its true potential. That internal audience must then be reached with the right message. Cody feels strongly that the use of multiple forms of media as a means of communicating that right message within an organization can be an effective method for directing change.

Prior to joining Harmonic Systems Consulting, Cody worked at Branding Brand, a leading mobile commerce vendor (located in Pittsburgh) that powers mobile commerce sites and apps for some of the world's leading retailers. He has also been involved in market research for Market Force Information, Inc., a provider of certified market research for the theatrical entertainment industry.

Cody’s expertise extends to musical composition as well as media messaging. While attending Carnegie Mellon University as a student in the Tepper School of Business and the >College of Fine Arts, Cody became an accomplished organist, experimented with orchestral conducting, became proficient on several wind and string instruments and began providing musical instruction.

Cody is instrumental to the success of HSC. He is dedicated to utilizing effective media management as a means of helping businesses achieve a higher standard of operational excellence through innovation, organizational alignment and the fostering of a culture of efficiency. Cody’s passion helps to make HSC sing!

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