Janet Hayes

During her impressive business career, Janet Hayes has proven to be a highly innovative and goal-oriented professional. She has extensive experience in management consulting, project management, operational excellence methodologies, sales, organizational training, information management, strategic planning, change management, negotiations and the practical application of technology. Janet excels at managing complex initiatives, thriving in uncertain situations, applying systems thinking, creating new functions and facilitating consensus. As a practicing consultant, she has worked with nearly 200 different organizations in nearly every industry. She is also certified in the Lean Six Sigma methodology for process redesign.

Prior to joining Harmonic Systems Consulting as an owner and Managing Partner, Janet enjoyed a highly successful career with key leadership roles at IBM Corporation and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

As an IBM Principal, Janet demonstrated her expertise as an effective change agent in such engagements as:

  • Leading the redesign of an IT change management process for a large bank to effectively manage risk, resulting in their ability to make changes more rapidly while maintaining service levels.
  • Facilitating a strategic planning initiative for the Pittsburgh Youth Crime Prevention Council, including 45 politicians, community and religious leaders and former gang members.
  • Leading the IT services unit of a large bank through strategic planning; then establishing a new operational planning process by training facilitators within the bank to conduct future planning sessions.

While at IBM Janet also:

  • Led a strategic planning initiative for a visiting nurses association, leading to a referral management process improvement initiative and development of a new IT strategy.
  • As a Sales Manager, led an application transfer study at a distribution company to select and implement new Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP) system, resulting in integration of all systems and better financial management.
  • Participated in and edited the IBM Chantilly Study for client/server technology, involving 24 companies; teased out what made companies successful and demonstrated impact of culture on new technology implementation.
  • Developed a new Organizational Competence model as part of IBM’s Role of IT in Business Transformation global study involving 17 companies.
  • Formed and led IBM an e-business services team, generating $ 46m in sales in the first year.

When Janet moved to GSK, she enjoyed several different types of responsibilities and received recognition corresponding to her accomplishments.

As a GSK Strategic Project Manager, Janet was able to:

  • Accept an award for using Lean Six Sigma methodology to reengineer a supply chain process, leading to 83% improvement in speed, improved fill rates and lowered costs of displays.
  • Lead a large acquisition project to get to one order / one invoice in a compressed time; cut commission costs by 50%, optimized SKUs, reduced COGS by 50% and successfully switched 2 SKUs from Rx to OTC.
  • Receive an award for leading an $ 800m disposition project; addressed nearly 130 major issues; resulted in what the GSK CH North America President said was the smoothest and most successful disposition project that GSK had ever done.

As a GSK Central Business Intelligence Director, Janet successfully accomplished the following:

  • Championed a culture change to drive better decision-making with standard metrics developed using a Balanced Scorecard approach; results included improved forecasting and higher sales and profits.
  • Implemented Business Intelligence Architecture to provide standardized reporting and metrics; improved productivity by 10%, lowered cuts and backorders, and improved store conditions by 1% per year, worth $ 15m.
  • As a GSK Knowledge Management Sales Director, Janet implemented a Sales Knowledge Blueprint procedure, providing easy access to reports for sales leaders and timely information to increase profitability, which saved $ 400k per year on travel.

Janet is an active member and a Past President of the Pleasant Hills Lions Club. She has been on the board of the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and has been nominated for the Athena Award for outstanding women.

As a Managing Partner at Harmonic Systems Consulting, Janet is committed to helping each member of a client’s organization realize their full potential by focusing the combined power of the human spirit on achieving specific business goals.

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