Urmi Ashar

Urmi Ashar is an energetic, multi-disciplinary professional driven by intellectual curiosity and a sense of urgency towards producing tangible results. She has an adaptive approach to leadership and is adept at consensus building to create a shared vision for an organization. Once convinced of the truth and necessity of something, Urmi will gently persevere to realize concrete objectives. She has an innate ability to rapidly accumulate in-depth topical knowledge and understand its inter-relationships with other disciplines, and its implications for the enterprise.

Urmi has an experiential insight into diverse work cultures and realities of a complex adaptive systems along with a sensitive understanding of human nature, which contributes towards her ability to produce transformational results in change management and culture alignment initiatives. Dr. Ashar brings her systems thinking based expertise to the board of Excela Health System and has been successfully involved in helping it’s management with turnaround operations.

Urmi’s medical background, business experience and sincere desire to improve every organization she becomes involved with all contribute to her value as an exceptional member of the HSC Core Team.

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