By: Darren Hayes


in an Information Technology environment


If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

Henry David Thoreau



Harmony loves the quote from Henry David Thoreau displayed above. It can be associated with so many things we all deal with in life, for example, the new parents’ dream of providing a secure environment for their family, the personal effort to turn ambition into reality, the use of education to build a rewarding career and, in a business, the implementation of strategy to achieve an objective.


Nearly everyone reading this Blog will agree that in today’s business world it is extremely important that the direction of the Information Technology (IT) effort be closely aligned with, and directly supportive of, the overall business strategy. When the IT effort is not properly aligned with strategy the IT function can become a stumbling block to business success, seemingly lost in the cloud somewhere in the air above, all too often hindering constructive change instead of supporting innovative improvements. This alignment, unfortunately, does not exist in all businesses, and is not easy to achieve.


We at HSC have found that the leaders in any business relying on strong IT support must agree to, and strongly enforce, a set of general principles that guide the application of IT resources over the long term. These guiding principles can then serve as a foundation for the successful alignment of the IT function with the ever evolving strategy for the business.


Harmonic Systems Consulting refers to this alignment of IT resources with business strategy as “Orgatechture”©: the foundational architecture that effectively aligns IT resources and goals with those of the overall business strategy.

Photo by: Papsama

Photo by: Papsama

We are not talking about what many IT professionals refer to as “architecture,” such as defining what brand of laptop to use or which communications protocol to use as a standard. To use an analogy, many organizations build IT systems as if they are using different architects to design different rooms in a house without defining the overall architecture of the house. As a result, the plumbing in the kitchen may have different diameter pipes than the powder room, impeding connectivity. In addition, the company’s “residents” may need one level living and the house is designed with three floors so it doesn’t match their needs.


Without proper “orgatechture”© a business will not have the IT capability to properly support both current and new organizational activities. With the proper “orgatechture”© however, the IT function can provide a business with a significant competitive advantage.


Harmonic Systems Consulting helps clients develop IT strategies that are aligned with and support the overall business strategy.


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