Resource Partners

CF Advisors Group - a valued partner specializing in personal and business Financial Planning, including owner and employee benefits.

Do you have a personal plan that matches your business needs for yourself and your employees?

At CF Advisors Group, we specialize in Personal and Business Financial Planning including owner and employee benefits. We focus on constant communication to help ensure our clients remain on track to achieve their objectives. We also provide Insurance Services as well as Family Estate planning and Trust Services. Contact our office for a free consultation.

Charles Gounaris & Associates - the experts at guiding C-level leadership through organizational transformation on their path to operational excellence.

How does an organization develop an adaptive strategy for getting from “here” to “there”?

At Charles Gounaris & Associates, we view leadership as the transforming power that changes the trajectory of organizations and the lives of people who work for them. We partner with a company’s C-suite to achieve clarity and alignment, cultivate a culture of engagement based on core values, and ultimately realize operational excellence through shared accountability.

Horizon Secretarial Services - a cost effective solution to the need for professional administrative support; including web design and maintenance, meeting planning and virtual office support services.

Could your business benefit from an organized approach to web design?

  • Horizon Secretarial Services
  • Kathi Bretcko

Kathi is an accomplished web design architect, has extensive experience in PC computer related activities, knowledge of a wide variety of business software to include relational database programs and an exceptional meeting planner.

In addition to her partnership with Harmonic Systems Consulting, Kathi owns and operates Horizon Secretarial Services. In her capacity as owner, Kathi uses her expertise to provide services to nonprofit trade organizations and businesses ranging from small family to mid-market to large corporations. Her capabilities cover a portfolio of administrative services including web maintenance / design and database creation / maintenance. Her meeting planning activities include contract negotiation, facility selection, collateral literature development, PowerPoint presentation production, as well as, on-site meeting facilitation and coordination.

Formerly, Kathi was an executive secretary to the President of Fisher Scientific. During her career with Fisher she gained knowledge in the meeting planning process and the skills of an administrative assistant to senior management. Her background in business is very broad, as she has experience in human resources, sales, marketing, finance, and manufacturing departments.

Kathi earned an Associate Degree at Community College of Allegheny County in Business. She has also attended the WebMaster Program and received Web Author Certification from the University of Pittsburgh. Her hobbies include walking/jogging, reading and spending time with her family. Kathi has two sons who attended the University of Pittsburgh and have graduated with degrees in Physical Therapy and business with a major in accounting.

HR Resource Force - powering the success of modern business using innovative software solutions to address work flow and compliance requirements.

Are you interested in a software work flow solution that really works?

  • HRResourceforce
  • Work Flow Efficiency & Compliance Solutions
  • Nick Goodell, Owner
  • Kristen Goodell, Owner
  • Phone: 412.227.1571
  • Website:

HR Resource Force powers the success of modern business. Using innovative software solutions, they help companies refocus their resources on strategic initiatives by increasing inter­department transparency, enabling company­wide communication, and reducing the burden of administrative tasks.

In the past, individual departments used databases, spreadsheets, and lots of filing cabinets filled with paper to maintain their employee, safety and compliance records and to track adherence to company procedures. As a business grows, as regulations change, and as an industry evolves, this approach can cripple a company.

Through the combination of one­-on-­one conversations about the challenges you face and a powerful platform that can streamline communication, training, and recordkeeping, HR Resource Force can take your company into the future.

Visit their website to learn more about their game­changing solution and to schedule a demo:

Karen Lamphere and Associates - specialists at bringing project management expertise to businesses requiring assistance organizing resources efficiently to accomplish specific project objectives.

Do you have a vision to grow your business, but never seem to have the time to launch a project to make your vision a reality?

Are you a business owner, who doesn’t want to pay the salary for permanent staff? However, the absence of key personnel is causing you to spend more money and energy because of disorganization and lack of productivity. Is hiring a Project Manager Consultant your answer? Before you decide to undertake a major project, or even if you’re already in the midst of one, the following skills; that project management offers, will help you adequately assess your needs to decide whether you should hire a Project Manager Consultant.

  • The Project Manager has a clear vision in addition to the ability to formulate a plan and decide the best course of action to reach the desired goals. This person guides the project from concept to completion.
  • The Project Manager works successfully with different personalities. In the face of inevitable conflicts, this individual diffuses the tension, is comfortable having unpleasant conversations and they are firm enough to ensure that everyone adheres to the guidelines.
  • The Project Manager has good presentation skills and can conduct effective meetings.
  • The Project Manager catches problems before they snowball out of control and are very organized to stay on top of the team’s progress and know what is going on at any given moment.
  • The Project Manager is skilled in controlling costs and decreasing inefficiency to bring the project in at or under budget.
  • The Project Manager is also enthusiastic about being a Project Manager, which is important because passion is contagious, and a lack of enthusiasm can be infectious and demoralizing.

If you feel these are the skills you need to will help you achieve your vision; hire a highly experienced project management professional!

Sonorous Enterprises - providing Human Resource professionals witlh the opportunity to deliver a unique lifestyle service to employees designed to help them lead richer and fuller lives.

How do you help your employees manage their lifestyles so they can stay engaged at work?

The Life's A Game Expo is a unique lifestyle game produced by Sonorous and held at corporate offices during the work day. Each employee has an opportunity to engage with our Network Professionals where they will be enlightened with valuable information and resources that are pertinent in all areas of their lives.

The Bottom Line Doctor, Inc. - focused on delivering honest and candid financial guidance to the small business entrepreneur.

Do your finances need a doctor?

The Bottom Line Doctor delivers honest and candid financial guidance to the small business entrepreneur. We are enthusiastic and positive about your business and will support you as you bring your business to where you dreamed it could be.

W.T. Glover & Associates - a Pittsburgh based executive recruiting firm with over thirty years of experience that can be trusted to deliver your definition of value.

Are you searching for a professional recruiting service you can trust?

  • W.T. Glover & Associates, Inc.
  • Glover Staffing Solutions, Inc.
  • 445 Fort Pitt Blvd, Suite 420
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15219
  • Phone: (412) 642-4400

W.T. Glover & Associates, Inc. is an executive recruiting firm located in downtown Pittsburgh. The business was started in 1980 by both W. Terrence Glover, C.P.C. and John H. Bobola, C.P.C.. Terry and John have been together ever since, a relationship that has provided an agreeable division of managerial responsibilities to the benefit of clients, and a mature historical perspective on the value of recruiting services.

Glover Staffing Solutions, Inc. is a temporary staffing firm owned and managed by W.T. Glover & Associates.

Due to the firm’s long term involvement in the region, the continuity of the management team, and the formal operational procedures adopted over the years, W. T. Glover & Associates, Inc. and Glover Staffing Solutions, Inc. are uniquely capable of bringing value to customers. They work to understand the needs of the customer, and then utilize a customized recruiting approach to source, identify, and qualify individuals to fit those needs.