Our services are specifically designed to reinforce the principles of strategic resource alignment and adaptive re-alignment.

By focusing on any or all of the three areas identified above, Strategic Alignment, Organizational Change Management or Operational Excellence, Harmonic Systems Consulting helps clients to effectively align organizational talent and technical capabilities with the dynamics of the marketplace and corresponding organizational goals.

Strategic Alignment

By “Strategic Alignment”, we mean ensuring that your organization’s social and technical resources line up with your strategy so you can move from vision to execution. HSC’s practical approach emphasizes:

  • the motivation to change
  • a clearly communicated strategy
  • empowerment at all levels of the organization
  • a carefully managed plan and measured transition process

Organizational Change Management

As part of an Organizational Change Management effort, we help your organization’s leadership achieve sustainable performance improvements during constantly changing business conditions. We employ project management, change management and/or organizational integration tools to instill change resiliency as a competency in your business, enabling competitive agility.

Process & Performance Efficiency

Our people-centric approach to Process and Performance Efficiency recognizes the need to address both social and technical aspects to achieve process and performance improvements. We also emphasize the need to appropriately measure and evaluate in order to continuously improve.