Due to ever-changing business conditions, leadership must continually strive to improve performance. Improved performance means change. Businesses may adopt different strategies when trying to adapt to that change; some proactive, some reactive.

When helping you choreograph organizational change (whether reactive or proactive) Harmonic Systems Consulting’s (HSC) efforts focus on the motivations and education of people. We concentrate on organizational values, group dynamics, personal skill enhancement efforts and progress measurement techniques.

HSC follows the seven step “score” written by Brien Palmer, one of the founding partners. To ensure successful change management, we provide direct support and practical tools for each of the following steps:

  1. Establishing Change Leadership Accountability
  2. Creating a Shared Organizational Need for Change
  3. Shaping a Vision of the Desired Outcome
  4. Mobilizing Commitment
  5. Monitoring Progress
  6. Completing the Change Effort Implementation
  7. Anchoring the Change in Systems and Structure

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