“Depending on whose research you choose to rely on, mergers have a failure rate of anywhere between 50 and 85 percent.” - “Why Mergers Fail”, CBS Money Watch

The integration of two different business organizations requires a great deal of work.  During due diligence leadership rightfully places emphasis on the legal and financial aspects of merging different organizations.  Post transaction integration aspects involving customers, products, people, processes and information technology require careful attention as well.

When helping you with the integration of two different organizations Harmonic Systems Consulting (HSC) ensures that strategy, social resources and technical resources are aligned and properly allocated so to achieve strategic business objectives.

We apply a strong project management discipline to bring the integration project in on time and within budget, keeping the team motivated while understanding they have other responsibilities.

While HSC will not serve in the role of investment banker or lawyer, during due diligence we can conduct an Operational Assessment to help you better assess the acquisition target.

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