A business is like an orchestra; it must have the right instruments for the musicians to play. Those instruments must be well-tuned and be right for the composition that the orchestra is going to play.

Information Technology (IT) is a key instrument in any organization. The IT strategy must be carefully matched to the needs of the organization and the company strategy.  If the IT strategy does not match the business strategy, the business will not have the systems needed to support the organization and its processes. The result will be inefficient IT spending, lack of productivity and unnecessary risks such as insufficient regulatory compliance.

Harmonic Systems Consulting (HSC) will help you fine tune your IT effort to your strategic direction using an approach we refer to as Orgatechture©.

If managed effectively, IT can provide an organization with a significant competitive advantage.  HSC helps clients develop IT capabilities that are aligned with, and support, the rest of the business.  Our approach to Orgatechture© consists of four elements:

  • IT Capability Assessment:  Review IT systems, applications, data, processes and organization relative to strategic business requirements.
  • Executive IT Blueprint Development:  Define and depict the IT strategy in a way that the business leadership can understand.
  • IT Governance Recommendations:  Determine the right IT organization, process, culture, policies and alignment to ensure that IT supports the current and future business strategy.
  • IT Change Management Process Design:  Recommend procedures for coordinating IT capabilities with continuously changing business needs.

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