The leadership team in any organization has the responsibility to provide clear direction and develop personnel in order to ensure that business goals are achieved. Communication, training, guidance, understanding and personal recognition are all essential components of workplace achievement. The skill set for a management team (executives and supervisors) is a valuable resource, and, like any resource, it requires attention.

Harmonic Systems Consulting’s practical approach to helping clients develop their management team resource emphasizes the importance of:

  • Creating an organizational environment that fosters diversity
  • Being open to discussion; valuing the ability to listen
  • Promoting mutual respect
  • Rewarding appropriate risk-taking

The components of a management team development consulting engagement therefore, may include:

  • “Action Learning”; group dynamics, teambuilding & conflict management skills.
  • The identification and evaluation of the required leadership skills inventory.
  • More clearly structured guidance from leadership personnel regarding strategy.
  • The introduction of leadership metrics & goal management techniques.
  • Better definition and management of performance expectations.
  • The appropriate merging of disparate organizational cultures.

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