Through the careful design, implementation and control of workflow processes organizations can distinguish themselves in the marketplace; positively affecting productivity, quality, employee morale, and customer satisfaction.

Nearly all internal work practices need to change over time.  Management must critique existing practices and decide how best to expand organizational competencies with consideration to existing strategy. Harmonic Systems Consulting (HSC) has the expertise to help you manage and anchor the change.

The best organizations promote a culture that relies on the expertise of employees when identifying efficient work flow processes and specific, related job practices. Once beneficial changes are identified, the effort to organize uniform and consistent application throughout must include participants from all levels.

When working with you on a Process and Workflow Design engagement our services will include Lean Six Sigma techniques, such as:

  • Voice of the Customer analysis
  • Work flow charting & design activities
  • Job procedure development
  • Process variation analysis
  • Process metrics development

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